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Developed the very first SEM in Korea.
The pioneer of Korea's e-beam technology and market since 2000.



  • AURA 100(Scanning Electron Microscope)
    Desk-Top Mini SEM for Macro field's application and Beginer.
  1. Economic Price & High Performance Desktop Mini SEM.
  2. 2-Stage Lens Optics of Free Beam Alignment (AURA100S & AURA100B)
  3. Allows Low KV Image(from 1KV) for Non-Conductive Sample
  4. Beam Alignment Free (Simple Operation)
  5. Be Equipped with Powerful Measuring tool & Analysis Software
  6. Slim Sized-Housing  [360(W) X 440(D) X 550(H)].
  7. User Friendly & Easy Operation Tablet Mini SEM.



  • AURA 200(Scanning Electron Microscope) 
    Desk-top Mini SEM which be designed by Seron's Top-Down Technology
  1. Low Vacuum Mode Supply - Charge reduction Mode.
  2. Allows Low KV Image(from 1KV) for Non-Conductive Sample.
  3. Dual Slit Lens Designed for Spherical Aberration Reduction.
  4. Equipped with Powerful Anlaysis & Versatile Measuring Software.
  5. User Friendly Operating System.
  6. Slim Sized-Housing [360(W) X 440(D) X 580(H)]
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