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  • South Korea South Korea
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Developed the very first SEM in Korea.
The pioneer of Korea's e-beam technology and market since 2000.





  • AIS1800C(Scanning Electron Microscope)
    The World's Best Mini SEM of compact type 
    The first ever compact mini SEM in the Korea "Mini SEM Designed for Office Environment"

    1. Active vibration isolation reduces ambient vibration.
    2. Compact Design with a wheeled chassis for transport.
    3. Minimized Installation space & utility;540(W)X570(D)X1300(H)mm³
    4. Equipped with ET-BSE detector(for SE & BSE Image Acquisition)
    5. Allows Low KV Image(from 1kV) for non-conductive smaple.
    6. Equipped with powerful analysis S/W with versatile function.
    7. EDS Take-Off Angle 25° (For Normal EDS)


  • AIS2000C(Scanning Electron Microscope)
     "Academic Version", Compact and Transportable slim design for various applications.

    1. Compact design with a wheeled chassis for easy transport.
    2. Allow Low KV Image(from 1KV) for non-conductive sample.
    3. Equipped with ET-BSE Detector(SE & BSE Image Acquisition)
    4. Possible Image observation on Non-Coating condition.
    5. Competitive SEM with economic price.
    6. Minimized Installation Space & Utility;540(W)X570(D)X1500(H)mm³
    7. Equipped with powerful "Analysis S/W" and "Measurement Tool".
    8. User-Friendly operating system.
    9. Low Vacuum Mode supply.


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