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  • South Korea South Korea
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Developed the very first SEM in Korea.
The pioneer of Korea's e-beam technology and market since 2000.





  • AIS2100C(Scanning Electron Microscope)  
     Up-grading version which verified from domestic & overseas market during 10 years (the 3rd generation model).
    SEM designed to expands needs of various branches of industry.
  1. Equipped with ET-BSE detector for SE and BSE Image acquisition
  2. Allows Low KV image(from 1KV) for non-conductive sample
  3. Equipped with powerful Analysis S/W & "Measurement Tool"
  4. High Scan Speed / High Pixel Resolution
  5. Minimized Installation Space(Compact Design) 



  • AIS2300C(Scanning Electron Microscope)
     High Competitive Normal SEM of Seron Technology designed for Low KV Application
  1. Equipped with powerful "Analysis S/W" & "Measurement tool"
  2. User-friendly automation operating System
  3. Equipped with ET-BSE detector for SE & BSE Image acquisition
  4. Allows Low KV image(from 0.6KV) for non-conductive sample
  5. Upgraded scan speed & Pixel resolution
  6. Equipped precision 3-Axis motorized stage (Micro Coordnation)
  7. Compact and Slim Design



  • AIS2500C(Scanning Electron Microscope)
     Korea's representative Premium Normal SEM which be equipped with 60˚Conical Lens !
  1. Surface image performance with high resolving power -- for surface detail @high magnification.
  2. High speed scan driver & Combined Linux environment PCI.
  3. Be equipped with designed Low Vacuum mode.
  4. Be equipped with CCD camera for sample review.
  5. Intuitive automation function system for customer.
  6. Versatile customizing capability.
  7. User friendly software & measurement Tool.  Comming Soon, 2014 years!


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